The Architectural Door Hardware Association (ADHA) is the paramount industry body representing architectural hardware distributors, architectural hardware manufacturers and commercial hardware importers.

  • Access Hardware Pty Ltd

    Address: P O Box 273
    Postcode: 3051
    State: VIC
    Contact Number: [61] 03 9329 8833
    Fax: [61] 03 9326 5024 

  • DCL Architectural and Locksmiths

    Address: Unit 3, 14 Erskine Street
    Suburb: DUBBO
    Postcode: 2830
    State: NSW
    Contact Number: 02 6884 3055
    Fax: 02 6884 2886 Website: http://www.dclarchitectural.com.au

  • John Barnes & Co (QLD) Pty Ltd

    Address: Unit 1, 211 Evans Road
    Suburb: SALISBURY
    Postcode: 4107
    State: QLD
    Contact Number: [61] 07 3275 8888
    Fax: [61] 07 3275 8800 Website: http://www.barnesqld.com.au

  • Jomon Architectural Hardware Pty Ltd

    Address: 32 Spencer Street
    Suburb: FIVE DOCK
    Postcode: 2046
    State: NSW
    Contact Number: 02 9747 0088
    Fax: 02 9747 4488 Website: http://www.jomon.com.au

  • Keycut Services Pty Ltd

    Address: 14 George Street
    Postcode: 4700
    State: QLD
    Contact Number: [61] 07 4927 3400
    Fax: [61] 07 4922 1486 Website: http://www.keycut.com.au

  • Locksmiths Supply Company

    140 - 158 Dryburgh Street
    Postcode: 3051
    State: VIC
    Contact Number: [61] 03 9329 7222
    Fax: [61] 03 9329 4508
    Website: http://www.lsc.com.au
    Advertorial: Established in 1926, Locksmiths Supply Company has been supplying builders with hardware products for over 80 years. It was decided several years ago to formalise this aspect of our business with the establishment of the LSC Architectural Hardware division. In the space of a few short years, LSC Architectural Hardware has become a major supplier of commercial hardware products and services to the building and construction industry throughout Australia. LSC is a member of a number of industry related associations, including ADHA, the MLAA, the LGA, ANZLA and ASIAL. With over 120 industry experienced employees throughout Australia, including dedicated field representatives, we can offer exceptional product knowledge, a great understanding of the industry and first class customer service. These industry associations also ensure we keep up to date with current and future security technologies. By having our own dedicated Access Control division, we can also offer a full access control solution, something that more and more builders are now looking for. We have strong ties and support from all the major manufacturers both locally and globally, we offer the best brands, and we are committed to holding stock of the products that builders require. So if you are looking for the right partner for your next project, you need to look no further than LSC Architectural Hardware .

  • Locksmiths Warehouse Pty Ltd

    Address: Unit 20 30 Beaconsfield St
    Suburb: ALEXANDRIA
    Postcode: 2015
    State: NSW
    Contact Number: 02 9698 3355
    Fax: 02 9698 1488
    Website: http://www.locksmithswarehouse.com.au

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